Conscious Music


What's Good, my name is Be.

Since 2012 I've been on a healing journey going within myself to heal the Trauma I suffered growing up, and as an adult.

I had a Spiritual Awakening in 2016 at a Lakota Sundace Ceremony.

Where I realized I was a Pleiadian starseed, incarnated on Gaia to awaken myself.

Since then, I have been making music and speaking about about my experiences

being a Multi-dimenional being having a Human Experience.

During my awakening, and throughout Life,

I've always felt absolutely alone, Even in a crowd of people I should've fit into.

Because of that, I often experience low bouts of depression, and still do this day.

The Self hate I felt for myself to survive in this reality I never fit into, was very Traumatic to say the least.

Now, I have an inner drive to help others not experience what I've experienced.


I create music now, about shadow work and dark nights of the soul, & awakening to our authentic selves.

So that no other person has to feel alone, while healing themselves.

Music is always there for me, Every single time, when nobody else is.

I hope, that the music i've created can sneak in past your ego, and possibly help you not feel so alone when you vibe out and listen to my music.

My music is in 432hz, and Infused with Reiki Healing.

The music I have created for you is meant to heal.

I really hope you vibe to my creations!

Love you Family of One